I value the purpose of making material choices as an artist in order to cultivate a sustainable practice and incorporate the meaning of a material’s cultural history. I make abstract landscapes and dimensional forms out of nature and re-purposed paper such as bark, leaves, dirt, thermal receipts, out-dated cashier printer rolls, end rolls of unprinted newspaper, photo backdrop paper, old sketch pads and other similar sources. Natural materials represent the notions of decay and impermanence while paper is an ancient technology of communication that was derived from nature. It is the medium that humanity has used for more than 3000 years to record history. I find the amount of time mankind has relied on its use in society absolutely fascinating. As we move forward into a more digital realm, I question the economic drive of technology and how it influences our well-being and our relationship with our environment. I think quality of life perhaps may be compromised for efficiency and economic gain. My work explores the material waste in a throwaway culture and questions the intrinsic value of consumerism. Growing up near the country, I am inspired by memories of rural surroundings and the quietness of nature. By drawing a parallel between the accumulation of waste and the natural world, I intend to provoke thoughts about our perception of time and space. I hope to create moments to slow down and see the beauty in our world’s landscape.