"I value the purpose of making material choices as an artist in order to cultivate a sustainable practice and incorporate the subject within cultural history. Learning these mindful approaches to creating work developed the foundation of my philosophy as an artist; materials matter. For more than 10 years, I have been making abstract landscapes out of unconventional art materials—most of them being natural or paper-based from different sources like print waste from newspaper printing facilities, customer copies from restaurants, and out-dated cashier printer rolls... My work explores material waste in modern culture and questions the intrinsic value of consumerism. Growing up near the country, I am inspired by memories of rural surroundings and the quietness of nature. I intend to recreate that same quietness to appreciate the beauty in our world’s landscape."

— Carmen Romine is a Cleveland Heights based artist who practices a diverse range of art-making techniques including weaving, sculpture, installation, collage, print-making, natural dying and bookmaking. Carmen graduated in 2010 from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies and continues to focus her practice based on concepts of sustainability.