Carmen Romine was born 1987 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The following year, her family relocated to Ohio when her father was hired to work for NASA as a spacecraft engineer. Romine grew up surrounded by pictures of the moon and mars. She developed a fascination with outer space and learned about the mortality of the sun at a young age. This curiosity about the universe cultivated the inspiration in her work of drawing natural elements from the environment. 


Carmen creates abstract landscapes out of paper and other mixed media that are meant to replicate an emotional connection to the landscape from memory. The compositions expose the perspective of change through technology and human growth. Her work questions the intrinsic value of consumerism and humanity’s relationship with its environment. 


In 2020, Romine was selected as one of the 10 participating artists for the “Paper Routes: Women to Watch” exhibition held in the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery.—An exhibition that was in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. Her work has been continuously collected by businesses and residential clients over the past ten years and has gained tremendous public recognition for her practice.


Romine currently resides in Cleveland Heights, OH where she works out of her third floor studio making artwork, building frames from her woodshop in the basement, and eco-printing with a fire pit and turkey roasters in the backyard. In addition to her practice, she makes handmade books and teaches fiber art workshops.

© 2021 by Carmen Romine

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