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The installation “Passages” was fabricated in the second floor bedroom closet of the 6904 Fleet Ave house slated to be demolished in 2018. It was apart of the ongoing "Rooms to Let" project in Slavic Village that allows artists an opportunity to create installations and give these old homes a proper burial. The first wall in this space was covered from ceiling to floor with crumpled strips of old receipt paper. Each strip was cut to length, crumpled, and fastened to the wall with a staple gun. The drywall of the next wall was torn off to reveal the horizontal lines of the lath and the last wall was covered with a charcoal drawing of similar wavy lines. The idea behind this work was to combine the concepts of portals and personal space. Viewing the cloud-like wall creates a sense of weightlessness before entering the space and tension when seeing the weight of the exposed building structure.

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